Our Theory of Change

We are persuaded that by expanding access to quality healthcare, we can transform the course of every child’s development for good. We aim to achieve this at scale through resource mobilization and the development of high-impact strategic partnerships to offer hope to a generation that would otherwise not enjoy the full benefit of good health and realization of their full potential.


Our areas of Impact

Gertrude’s Hospital Foundation was founded to deliver on the following aims-

  1. i) Provide financial assistance to sick children in Kenya to enable them to afford high-quality care.
  2. ii) Support education and scientific research in Paediatrics.
  • iii) Development of community projects to promote health and well-being.
  1. iv) Infrastructural development at Gertrude’s Children’s Hospital to increase the healthcare facility’s capacity.


The Foundation mobilizes resources and works with partners to support specialized treatment and care for over 20,000 children annually at Gertrude’s Children’s Hospital. The Foundation also provides fellowship grants and scholarships for advanced training of paediatric specialists and nurses across more than 27 specializations. To date, the Foundation has impacted more than 300,000 beneficiaries and facilitated training for over 50 Paediatricians and 100 nurses trained since the founding.


Our strategic Focus areas

The 2023-2027 Strategic Plan seeks to ensure the delivery of our mandate and impact at scale in the Eastern Africa region. The Strategic Plan is anchored on 3 core pillars to deliver its impact at scale;


A Focus on Tertiary Healthcare

This is the central pillar of the Foundation. We champion establishing national systems to provide tertiary and specialist care for chronic NCDs including cancer, heart disease, diabetes, sickle cell disease, and neurodevelopmental disorders among many others. The coordination of the diagnosis, treatment and data management of these complex diseases and conditions is carried out at Gertrude’s Children’s Hospital.

This pillar anchors our major specialist health programmes including The Cancer Initiative, Cardiac Programme, HIV/Aids Programme, Cleft Lip & Palate Surgery Program, Children with Special Needs program, Laikipia Outreach Program and Telemedicine Program.


Paediatric Health Workforce Development

Specialist care depends on the availability of specialist skills. We work with partners to address the deficit in human resources for health through channelling fellowship grants to train healthcare workers in the care & management of childhood diseases as well as conduct research in clinical areas, population health and other education-associated research. Under this pillar, we support various paediatric specialists and nurse training in Cardiac and Cancer treatment and care, the Endocrinology Fellows training programme for Africa etc.


Multisectoral approach to Healthcare

The Foundation plays a critical influencing role in driving the achievement of sustainable development goals (SDGs) for children. Through a thought leadership agenda, we engage other organizations from the public, private and development sectors to drive advocacy of 18 Global SDG indicators concerned with children. We do this by sharing data, insights and fresh knowledge that enables collaborative action towards the development and implementation of laws, policies and practices that promote holistic child development. Under this pillar, we address the health and developmental needs of children and adolescents through education, play, nutrition, and culture, especially among vulnerable communities living in Arid and Semi-arid areas (ASAL) in Kenya.

Our Resource Development and Strategic Partnerships

Specialist paediatric health services require heavy investment. The Foundation fundraises for the enhancement of Gertrude’s Children’s Hospital’s critical healthcare infrastructure and enhances the capacity of other public, mission-based and community-managed facilities in Kenya by directing partner support for equipping of needed facilities, purchase of medical supplies and setup of tertiary and specialist care.


Collaboration with the government and other key stakeholders

The Foundation collaborates with the Kenyan national & county governments and the National Hospital Insurance Fund (NHIF). We are leading the agenda in engaging the government, NHIF and other healthcare stakeholders to establish national systems to identify, treat and provide care for non-communicable diseases including cancer, diabetes, congenital heart diseases, neurodevelopmental conditions etc.


Transformational Impact through our programmes

The Foundation is strategically placed to deliver high-impact holistic child health and development programmes across Kenya and the region. We are a partner of choice for the private sector and donor organisations looking to invest in transformational healthcare and developmental impact for children in this geographical landscape, we understand the gaps that need to be addressed to ensure the achievement of child-focused SDG goals. Our impact programmes are delivered through collaborations with other reputable local and global partners ensuring that donor funds are committed to attaining the highest level of transformational impact for children and their communities.